The Letter eBook Release

Hard work really does pay off!  Last week I launched this very website and now, I am happy to announce the release of The Letter and erotic romance novella by JN Welsh (still me) that will be launched TONIGHT at 7pm (download link should be available between 7-7:30pm EST). 

It's super hot stuff guys, so share with anyone you know who likes to read hot, sizzling, erotic romance. It's short and potent and I can't wait for you to read it.

I will be doing live broadcast as I push the button via Facebook, so if you would like to join that, friend me right away and I will add you to the the private event.

The Letter ebook will be available for FREE download for a limited time offer. Check out the official trailer for the book below (book download details are included).

Website Launch Party!

I have to say that it was so much fun to be able to launch this very website. was designed and developed with a lot of love and care and yesterday, May 1, 2016, I launched it during a live broadcast on Facebook and it was loaded with excitement and nerves! 

For so long I had been trying to figure out who I was but in truth, I am who I am! I accept all of me from the good to the not so good! Now, I have a place where my passions live harmoniously together.  As this website grows and develops, which I am really excited about, I'm glad that I can share this growth and journey with you--my family, friends, fans and supporters. In case you missed the party, you can check it out! 

Day 8-22 - Jen's Insanity Chronicles


Can you believe it!  I just started week four of this program.  I also lost half (.5) a pounds this week.  Not bad, right?! I am still going downward!  Nice! I am more than twenty-one days in, and though I have had some challenges, I am looking forward to finishing month one and doing the "Recovery week." So how was day 8-22 you ask?  Well, I have been pretty good at sticking with the nutrition plan, but I did have a few hiccups recently; some I handled well and other not so much.

Let's go down memory lane, shall we?

It all started with eight little chocolate chips and a bit of popcorn on a day where I had some pretty freakin' intense cravings last week and ended with eight pumpkin cookies.  Allow me to explain...

I tried to drink water and power through it, but ended up giving in because I literally was walking in circles trying to avoid the first salty, then sweet cravings.  I have learned that trying to eat around intense cravings like this won't help me.  I handled it pretty well, only eight tiny dark chocolate chips and about 1 cup of air-popped popcorn.  We were ok.

Just to let you know, I was still busting my booty doing these workouts, which don't get easier, you just learn to push through them and accept when you have to stop and gasp for air.

Check me out!

Cut to me on my way to an event to celebrate one of my fellow writers and worried about how I was going to power through the night nutrition wise. Well, crisis avoided! There were vegan and vegetarian options, which made eating not only healthy but fun because everything was delicious, the company was fun and I even had wine...Yay!

Tis the season for eating...and in my case baking and I really wanted to bake yesterday (Sunday).  It was spontaneous and luckily I have people around to share it with. However, that didn't stop me from having eight cookies throughout the day.  Yeah, you heard me right? See, I lost count.  Since I wasn't keeping track coupled with the face that I also didn't have two of my hearty Insanity meals, I was hungry and with that taste of sugar and pumpkin on my lips, things quickly went south.

The coach needed support and a great group of women supported me as I went through my disappointment with having had so many cookies (especially since it wasn't even during my Christmas cookie baking time).  I am on the upswing now and in all honesty, if I look at things objectively, that eight cookie day was that 15% bad where I have been 85% great in my overall nutrition.

Now with Thanksgiving on Thursday, I have to be vigilant and mindful because on that day I have already planned where I might be a little more flexible.  You know, sometimes you fall back into some old habits but one thing I have learned is that this is a lifestyle and not a fad and even though I'm a coach, I am always learning about myself on this journey.


Day 4 - 8 - Jen's Insanity Chronicles

Week Two is here BUT WAIT!!! I have to tell you about week one successes. I LOST 3 POUNDS!! Whoo  hoo...Go me!  I"m so happy and doing cartwheels (in my head in excitement)

The workouts didn't get any easier after my last chronicle.  Seriously though,  when you talk about digging deep, there are those moments when you just want to quit. Even ShaunT says, and I quote.  "This $#it is BANANAZ!" and he's the trainer!  haha.  I made it through the week sore, but injury free.  I am ravenous most of the time on this program and get to eat five meals a day, BUT I learned that if I have to eat another meal after 8:30pm, I am totally not into it.

Me? Not into food?  What?  She's crazy?  The thing is I'm burning a lot of calories the whole day, but I am also drinking almost a gallon of water and my meals are like 500 calories each.  MUST. EAT...

....and I do, but that chew on meal five is arduous! :)

Anyway, I wanted to share a quick recipe with you guys because I know all this Insanity talk is making you super hungry.  It really is yummy and you should totally try it.


Yummy Protein Packed Yogurt

1.5 cups of yogurt (greek is best)

1 tsp raw honey (it has a flavor that goes nicely with the yogurt)

1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (don't use chocolate, you might be sorry)

2 Tbsp of chopped nuts

1 chopped apple

(Suggestion - mix the yogurt and honey until smooth, then mix in the protein powder until smooth then stir in or top with the nuts and apple.) Enjoy because it's good! )

Wish me luck on week two guys....I'm gonna need it!

Like, comment or share if you found this useful or no someone who might xoxo:)

Day 1-3 - Jen's Insanity Chronicles

On the first day of Insanity my true love gave to me...A Fit Test and a lot of food! The first day of Insanity,I was ready to jump right into my new workout plan.  First up was the The Fit Test and all I can say is Jeeeeezzzzzz!  This is just the Fit Test?!?  It gives you a little taste of what is about to happen for the next 62 days!  It wasn't easy but it was probably the easiest workout I am going to experience in this program so I am getting mentally prepared for the intensity ahead.  I ate my meals, which was really a lot of food.   You are burning so many calories that the meal plan is really designed to give you what you need to sustain and get good results. This is one of 5 meals I had.


I did my work out in the morning, which I have learned to do over the almost 2 years since I started my fitness journey (it has become like brushing my teeth - not something I love or hate, but just is) and then I was off to get in my 2,000 words for NaNoWriMo.  I really do love our writing month.  Don't you?  It really helps me to focus on my writing and because I am working out, my blood circulating nicely which increases my creativity.


On day 2, I did Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  Wow!  Now, I have done the intense programs but this one is not called Insanity for no reason.  There is always a point in the workout where you literally are saying "THIS IS CRAZY!" Hahaha.... that is why they call it INSANITY! I didn't let it get me down. I have goals to reach so I pushed where I could, but it wasn't pretty my friends!

I have to say that I'm upbeat and perky and really excited about the possibilities of the kind of transformation you can have with this program.

Today was Cardio Power and Resistance.  Funny, I'm not using any weights but my whole body, not to mention places I really didn't know muscle existed, are sore.  I am embracing the soreness because that mean I'm making muscles!!!  Lots of stretching and water ahead.IMG_2016

I'm doing NaNoWriMo!

nanowrimo-logo I finally decided that I was going to do it this year.  I have a lot on my plate and thought that maybe this year I would skip it, but writing is an essential part or who I am and I love it, so I have to do it.  This year I am not taking on the aggressive goal of two(2) 50,000+ word books.  I am limiting it to one ( far).  I want to flesh out the plot for my final book series.  As I see it, it should be the most anticipated book in the series but I am not an expert marketer of books. However, it is the character that most everyone of my critique partners and friends who have read the first book's draft wanted to see have their own book.

I'm excited to start it. Did anyone else decide on what they were writing? Any other last minute participants?

The Road to Insanity


Over the past two months, I have been doing Chalene Extreme which is a heavy weight training program. I love this program and I feel like I have really gotten stronger. I know, I know...I was supposed to be writing about my results and my experience, but I wasn't consistent with the reporting and I ask for your forgiveness. Come November 2, 2015 you will be getting the blow by blow of the next program that I will be doing.

Get Fit or Get Out

I was using Chalene Extreme to build up to INSANITY ( heard me right) which was a program that I said I would do sometime this year.  Little did I know that I would literally wait until the last 2 months of the year to do it.  I will actually finish my last workout on January 1st which is kind of a cool way to end the year and start the new one.

Full disclosure, I am really nervous about doing it and scared of failing --failing on the nutrition part or being so miserable with the exercise that I don't want to continue.  I am also afraid that I won't get the transformation that I am seeking.  Yes, even the fitness coach and instructor has fears and I always will. These are all valid fears to have, but one of the things that I know, as someone who helps others reach their goals and have great transformations, is that it all started with my own.  Back in 2014 when I started the new year with a tough little program called Focus T25 and got great results, there was a quiet storm of determination that brewed in me... I was going to do it no matter what. It is mindset -- something that I have come to understand is very powerful.

I know that I will not reach my goal weight, which would be about 60 pounds, but it will bring me closer to it. I say those 60 pounds a lot easier because I already lost 60 pounds...haha.  Yes, by the theoretical end of my fitness journey, I would have lost the equivalent of another person. Try carrying that for a few decades.

Talk about baggage...

I can...

...but I won't...

...not in this post anyway!

Through all my fears, I know that  physically, I can do this program.  I know that mentally, I can push myself and simply, because I have done it before, I can focus my energies to eating well and healthfully for my body.  Most of all, I am doing it with a group of women I trust will run with me through Insanity, past the finish line and into our next adventure!

No matter what, the journey will be educational and whether physical, emotional or spiritual, it will impact me and I will be forever changed.

IF for any reason you are crazy enough to join us, just complete this form and let's talk:

Good News!

Image5_macroedits-copy-300x300I won't reveal the publishing company but I got asked for a "Full!"  Yippie! For those of you who don't know, this means that I have moved to another step toward consideration for my book to possibly land with a publishing house.

I'm really excited about this guys.  I know it doesn't mean I have a contract but there is a possibility and that lifts my heart and spirit and lets me know that my hard work has paid off which motivates me to continue.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is coming up soon and this is always a great time for me to hunker down on getting MAJOR progress with my writing.

Anyone participating this year?  Let me know!

Wish me luck guys!

Total Wellness for Writers...

..and others who work from home doing most of their work sitting behind a desk in front of a computer. In my previous posts I have mentioned that I have a passion for writers (romance writers in particularly). When I am around them, I feel like I am with my people, my kindred spirits. Over the years, I have noticed that because of the sedentary nature of our work, we sometimes put fitness on the back burner.

Myself included!

That came into full realization when after transitioning out of a corporate job and into a predominantly work from home situation.  I was pursuing my dreams and aspirations and well... to give you the super simple version...getting in all the activity I needed was a big problem.

Some of you know my story and how I struggled with my weight most of my life. It all came to a head in  January 2014 when I weighed in at my all time high. That was the beginning of my fitness journey. I have since lost 60 pounds and continue to shoot for my goal weight.  I have learned some things along the way and  want to share this information, give back, and support others who want to focus on total wellness (mind, body and spirit).

I have combined my passion for writing and writers  with my passion for fitness and now work to help writers, who have their @$$ in the chair writing (as they should) BUT also need to get the @$$ out of the chair for some good, blood circulating exercise.  Nutrition plays a HUGE role and the FREE guide I have created below houses some quick and easy recipes, plus tools, tips and techniques to get started. It is a gift for signing up for my monthly newsletter which I will be starting in October 2015!

Do you have to be a writer or someone who works from home to download the guide?  Not at all. Everyone is welcome in Mama's house...haha.  If you want to get some new recipes and maybe learn something new then just CLICK BELOW on the image  and sign up to get the guide.

Please share this post with a writer near you or a friend. I look forward to staying connected.

xoxo Jen

A Better Me (The Journey Continues)



Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty awesome, but this weight is coming off!  Many of you know that I started my FITNESS JOURNEY back in January 2014 and that I lost 60 pounds since. Even though I hadn't reached my goal weight I did complete my goal of blogging about it for the entire year and making big changes in my life.  It helped me to share with people who just wanted to be supportive and watch my transformation.

Over the past year and a half I have been trying to find ways to merge my fitness and writing life and though I am tempted to go back to my old blog and continue this FITNESS JOURNEY from there, I want to give people a more holistic view of who I am.  I'm a writer, educator AND fitness coach who loves EDM, dance, wine and romance.  I like to workout AND write. I love helping people attain their fitness and nutrition goals as a coach and there is nothing better than watching your customers lose 10, 15 and 50 pounds. I know what it is like to struggle with staying active with a mostly sedentary, work-from-home life and I know that other writers, work-from-homers and freelancers do as well. I want to be supportive and helpful to those people in any way I can. However, I also have to take care of mama,too.  This girl has some goals and big dreams to attain and it starts with health and a lot of published books.


I have enjoyed the summer and have sort of been doing this yo-you/maintenance thing that I know I have to stop in order to achieve my goal. Mindset is everything so my mind is set to get to my goal weight by the end of the year.  I will be blogging about it as I did back in January 2014 because those who have been there from the beginning should be there at the end and those who are just joining may want to pull up a seat with some popcorn to watch this thing pop off. I am here to entertain and drag you along to get started as well.

Chalene Extreme

On Monday August 31st I started Chalene Extreme.  This is a program I have wanted to do for a long time because I love Chalene Johnson as a celebrity trainer and personal development guru.  Her workouts always make me want to take it to the club because the music is so good (even if the moves are not quite nightclub appropriate).  I will be doing it for 60 day and you will have a front row seat to my progress.

Cize Live

If you are connected with me on my like page or either my JN Welsh like page or my Kindred Fitness Like page, then you know that I love Shaun T and I love doing his new program Cize. I became a Cize Live instructor on August 22nd and I am so glad that I did.  I will be teaching soon in the New York City and Westchester area so make sure to connect with me some way so that you can attend my class because it is going to be H.O. T!

All you out-of-towners can attend when you come to visit, just check the schedule during that time.  I am really looking forward to this because Cize Live is different from the in home program. The routines are different and though both give you a great workout, the live class is a hoot and interactive.  It's awesome so come!

Publisher Search

publishing contract (1)
publishing contract (1)

I am so happy that I have met so many great people since I have become more active in the writing community.  Their advice is so valuable and as a result I am hot on the search to find a publisher because I know that there are people out there who want to read my books and all I need to do is find them. I just need to find a publisher who wants to publish them. Simple enough, right?  Let's get these contracts tight. Look for an update on this soon.

New Look?

As I mentioned, I am trying to fuse my worlds together. This is going to be a little tricky but it can be done which means a new look might be coming soon. I know...I love this look, too.  I just want to more holistically represent who I am.  Nothing has been decided yet but if you have some strong opinions about it, I'd like to know so tell me.

When Things Start to Happen

You have to share your small and big successes so that people know that it can happen for them, too.  After I made the transition out of corporate I had some fear around how things would ultimately turn out. When I started to go for my dreams, let me tell you, it wasn't all roses (still isn't) ,BUT the joy I got from doing what I love to do and the hope I had for the future made me keep going.  I recently had the honor of being August Author of the Month for Romance Writers of America, NYC chapter.  I gave a speech at our August meeting  and was also able to meet some amazing, welcoming people.  Being among birds that are like you is one of the best feelings.  Now, its time to share all the wonderful stories I have been lining up for you guys!  Details on that coming soon.IMG_5405

Just Chillin With My Vibes

Just chillin' with my vibes, y'all.... photo by Jennifer N Welsh

Music and dance really influence me.  I LOVE music!  For the past few years, I have become a connoisseur of Electronic Dance Music. :) I have visited clubs, jumped up and down at festivals and even took a few classes to actually DJ.

Some of it was to research for my book and really put myself in the shoes of my characters, but I really enjoy the happy feeling I get when the "beat drops." As for dance, whenever I can see someone I know dance or visit the ballet, I do!  One of the most inspiring things is to seek kids dance. I don't really care what genre of dance it is, they are just the cutest most inspirational things.

I was recently saw Les Twins on their YouTube channel.  They are thrilling to watch.  When they did their class with the kids, I fell in love with them even more because they were just so great with the kids!  Check them out below.  All my experiences influence my writing on some level.  That's how I know that is my form of artistic expression.  Just like dancers and musicians put their art into the world, perfect or imperfect, so to will I.

JN Welsh

A Wanna Be Hybrid Author's Decision

Hello friends and fans, I have a compelling decision to make.  I have been doing some research on self-publishing and there are two that I am considering.  I have used one in the past, but I wanted to know if there were any writers out there who felt strongly about who to self-publish with and why (the choices are below)


We are talking about a completed edited work here so some services are not necessary.  However, in terms of cost, polish and ease of use for multiple platforms, does anyone have any insight that could help me make a decision. Please feel free to add any information that I might need to consider or any resources you think might be helpful.

The first up is which was recommended to me by an author friend

Second is, I used them before.

Let me go ahead and throw Create Space via Amazon into the mix for giggles.

Hit me back! :)

Waves of Change

I love this song! Listen to it below. It will make you happy today.  Promise. Please note that there is not official video so read or dance while you listen :) Waves of Change by Sammantha James (Kaskade Remix)

We could dim the light of day Watching colors drift away Beating like the sound of love Reflecting light back to the sun

Listen as the silence plays Washing darkness from the shade Standing on the center stage Building castles in the rain

Be my strength Show me the way Come to life Come and feel the sun Lift your hands, embrace Breaking waves of change

Counting down to brighter days Consciously we elevate Blowing all the dust away Speaking truth to those who wait

Be my strength Show me the way Come to life Come and feel the sun Lift your hands, embrace Breaking waves of change

I can hear your calling From the distant plain 'Cause in this moment I feel love I can feel you falling Miles from yesterday 'Cause in this moment we are loved

Nobody here is lonely

Come to life Come and feel the sun Lift your hands, embrace Breaking waves of change

Come to life Come and feel the sun Lift your hands, embrace Breaking waves of change


Healthy Eats for Creativity

Sometimes being inspired comes from a variety of places.  About a month ago, I had a kale caesar salad and  ever since thing I have been inspired to try them at a few different restaurants.  I have finally graduated to making it at home...ahh..inspiration. One of the things that you should do with kale, especially when eating it raw is to breakdown the cell walls by crunching it in your hands with a bit of course sea salt.  I love the vibrant green color, the almost grassy fragrance  and the crinkly look and textured feel of kale. It's my thing right now.


Here's a pretty simple and light recipe that you can share with someone (just click the image above). Add a nice sparkling dolce rose and you have yourself a nice romantic meal for one or for two.